Hello there! I'm Kat - the face behind

House  of Jack and I’m a complete design addict!


I always have been! You’ve always been able to find me doodling things on bits of paper or anything else I can lay my twitching hands on. Being a designer & illustrator was just a natural progression really.


I’ve worked within the design industry one way or another since I was 17. Working my way up from general graphics dogs-body to now running my own design and illustration business.

It's my passion and I adore what I do!


I’ve been really lucky to be able to work my way up to where I am without a degree in design or illustration just sheer determination and a bit of luck. My work has been featured in some massive UK and US companies through my last “In house” role with my designs being sold in Tesco, House of Fraser and Sainsbury’s to name a few and I have also been lucky enough to help design handmade Christmas Crackers for 

Her Majesty The Queen! 


When I had my second child, myself and my partner (then living in Wales) decided to make the move back to Yorkshire to be closer to family and friends. I was then left with the decision to either look for a similar role to my previous employment or to take the plunge and do what I’d always wanted to do and start something completely new.


Whilst in the process of deciding what I should do I set up a Facebook page to try out a few ideas and to keep my idle hands busy! The page exploded and within a few months I had thousands of followers and orders coming from all over the world.  “House of Jack” was born and is growing everyday. 9 years on I have nearly 27,000 followers and have sent my personalised art prints to people from all corners of the globe. 


My favourite part of the day is reading the comments from customers who have received their orders and hearing the stories related to the print I have designed. A lot of my designs contain words and/ or imagery that are linked to massive moments in peoples lives. It’s lovely to know that something I created can play such an important role in helping them capture a special memory or even just help make someone smile. I recently had a conversation with a lady who had gifted one of my prints to her sister who had “married well” and had my print hanging next to her recently purchased Picasso painting! It really is surreal! 


If there is anyone out there wondering whether to take the plunge and start their own business I would definitely say to go for it! You never know what might happen! I have been hugely lucky to be able to get to where I am now, I’ve done it without any special degrees, qualifications or help, just sheer determination, passion and a bit of good luck. I really do think if you truly believe in yourself and keep on trying you can do anything and I am certainly proof of that.

Are you a Business looking for an experienced

freelance designer and illustrator?

I regularly undertake freelance design and illustration projects! I love to create business branding, surface pattern and character design to use across a whole host of medias! My freelance work has also featured in some huge UK and international stores. If you are interested in what else I can do outside the realms of House of Jack you can visit my Freelance website and portfolio here or at www.katstock.com

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