Family Christmas Drinks Personalised Art Print


Add a touch of magic to your home this Christmas! Our Family Christmas Portraits allows you to show your familys personality in a whole new way!


Please take a look at the selection image above ( if you cannot see the full image please email me at and I will email you the image) and let me know which elements you would like to include as below 


  • Family Name or Title - This can be changed to whatever you’d like so it can be The “Smith’s on the Shelf”, “Our Family on The Shelf” or even something like “Christmas with the Jones Family” etc.


Then for Each character


  • Character Name - eg. Mummy, Daddy etc
  • Character Style - Man, Woman, Older Child, Younger Child or Infant - If the sizes aren’t quite right please just tell me their age or rough height eg. Older Child - To Mum’s shoulders etc. 
  • Pyjama Style -  Elf (green top and red bottoms) or Santa (red top and green bottoms) Infant Pyjamas are one colour striped so please just choose between red striped or green striped
  • Hair Style - Please choose a style from the image and tell me the style and colour - eg. Woman’s hair, Plait, Blonde
  • Skin Colour - 1, 2 or 3
  • Pyjama Slogan - Please choose a slogan for the back of the Pyjamas, Personalised Elf can be personalised with a name of your choice eg “Daddy” Elf. If you would rather not have a slogan on the back of the Pyjamas please just say “no slogan”
  • Accessories - Choose a hat! If you would rather not include a hat - please say “no accessories”


Heres an example of the details I will require - I have put a list at the bottom of this email for you to copy and paste which may make filling out your selection easier


  • The Murphey’s on the Shelf
  • Character Name: Daddy
  • Character Stye: Man
  • Pyjama Style : Elf
  • Hair Style : Mens, Longer, Brown
  • Skin Colour: 1
  • Pyjama Slogan: Personalised Elf “ Daddy Elf”
  • Accessories: Elf Hat


  • Character Name: Mummy
  • Character Stye: Woman
  • Pyjama Style : Santa
  • Hair Style : Womens Bob, Blonde
  • Skin Colour: 1
  • Pyjama Slogan: Santa’s Favourite
  • Accessories: Santa Hat


  • Character Name: Beth
  • Character Stye: Older Child - Head to Mummy’s ear
  • Pyjama Style : Elf
  • Hair Style : Womens, Medium, Red
  • Skin Colour: 1
  • Pyjama Slogan: I Believe
  • Accessories: Patterned Antlers


  • Character Name: Harry 
  • Character Stye: Younger Child - Head to Beth’s Shoulder
  • Pyjama Style : Elf
  • Hair Style : Mens, Crop, Black
  • Skin Colour: 1
  • Pyjama Slogan: The Elf Did It
  • Accessories: Elf Hat

Family Christmas Portrait Personalised Art Print

  • All prints are designed by us and printed with high quality ink right here in the UK. Our prints are printed on to thick, textured canvas paper - ready to mount and frame yourselves and are sent with lots and lots of love. Our range of prints are available to order in A4 and A3 sizes. However, If you have a specific frame in mind please contact us and we will do everything we can to help! Upon payment, I will send you a digital proof via email so that you can check the colours and information are correct. We want to be sure that your custom print is exactly what you are looking for. POSTAGE AND PACKAGING: We'll carefully place your print in a sturdy supportive envelope and post it 1st Class Royal Mail delivery. PLEASE NOTE Frame and mount are NOT included. DISCLAIMER: Actual printed colour may differ vary slightly from colours on screen due to different screen resolutions. COPYRIGHT: Artists retains all rights to this image. Please do not copy without permission Purchase of this print does not transfer reproduction rights.